Does omnichinality a panacea or an additional tool?

Author: Natalia Burdeinaya

Now is the time of a fancy client. The client who has access to a variety of information and has the opportunity to be heard in public through social networks. A customer who chooses another store or product, if the answer to his question or treatment is not immediate. A client who is even ready to change his habitual store just because he was not addressed to his name, when he wrote or called not the first time.

Today, the trend in the customers preferences on the modes of communication changes toward electronic mobile channels. Social networks have reduced the distance between the manufacturer and the consumer. Only the number of Facebook users is more than 25% of the total number of inhabitants of our planet, due to which any information distributes according to the rule of three handshakes. Also, according to the results of 2017, for the first time the number of requests through the smartphone will be more than through computers or laptops, every third mobile device is a smartphone with Internet connection, with the total number of CIS residents that is about 35% of active users with smartphones, according Google data. And this trend will be only worsen. But the generation of people at the age of 55 years old still prefer of communication by calling.

Contact centers were inspired and began to serve customers additionally in chat rooms, social networks and messengers. But over the time it becames obviously: only having a choice of ways to address the client is not enough, it is now vital to use channels for its convenience. The company is obliged to ensure easy convenience regardless the way and what are the client preferences and habits.

This explains the popularity of the omnichannel approach in the customer service process.

Contact center, which implemented in practice omnichannel approach to customer service, you can identify at the following features:

  • Availability of the right channels for target customers
  • A unified standard of services is implemented and applied in practice
  • Implemented seamless transition between channels
  • Storing of a single client history
  • Integration of Contact Center with the CRM system.

As a result of omnichannel approach of the company, shared by Genesys – who is the world’s leading provider of omnichannel solutions of contact center and customer service are impressive: 50% decrease of client outlets from the interaction, the speed of operators’ work increases by 12.5%, nearly 38 % of cost decrease reduction are for infrastructure, service personnel decrease by 17%, revenue increase by 3% due to the conversion level increase and cost decrease up to 2% for new contact centers integration.

The most important question is how to achieve the main goal: to gain the customers trust by providing easy, convenient and enjoyable experience with the company?

As to the client, the company with omnichannel approach of services is the company that does not need to look for the most effective handling way, for resolving issue. In reiterating, there is no need to tell you what experience the client already had. The company is ahead of its issue. And the need for repeated calls is eliminated. This is the company that will take up the matter, regardless of how the client addresses its appeal: personally to the representative of the company, by phone, via e-mail, via Viber, via Facebook, etc. And the speed of reaction to the question and the quality of the result of its consideration will be the same, regardless of when, which way and how the client applied to the company.

First of all, it is resources optimization, as the result of built-in business processes and effective IT solutions, for the company. Communication with the client is greatly facilitated through the implementation of a single interface. Omnichannel approach allows you to learn about the client quite a lot. Ideally, the seller should have all the information about the potential buyer and know the interaction chain with the customer in order to offer the goods he wish, in the place he wish, if it is necessary. Information of the online actions of the client or about his treatment via e-mail should be available in real time. And when the call comes from the customer, the operator needs to see the full picture of the preliminary interactions. On condition, of data transfer from IT solution and back directly while managing the interaction, it becomes possible to find out who, when, where, why and how to service. So it looks dynamic interaction in real time with the information support for omnichannel management of the client’s route.

As a result, of omnichannel implementation is restricted to the following steps:

  1. Implementation of the workplace, supporting all communication channels with the client
  2. Rethinking of the self-service model
  3. Work optimization of the Contact Center operators
  4. Monitoring and managing of the client’s route

Customer loyalty is enhanced when, in dealing with the company, he feels like a welcome guest. The personalized service gives the client a feel that way. And the simplicity of problem solving for the client is the key to his satisfaction with the company. These dogmas take into account market leaders in the strategic planning and choice for future direction.

Natalia Burdeinaya

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