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  • ESG and development of territories
  • Diagnostics of the current operations for compliance with ESG principles: diagnostics of the maturity level of the corporate governance system and business processes, assessment of the ESG risks.
  • Preparation of recommendations/roadmap for improving corporate ESG practices and achieving ESG targets
  • ESG transformation (embedding ESG principles into the basis of all business processes)
  • Development of ESG strategy, communication strategy
  • Calculation/recalculation of the carbon footprint
  • Preparation of comprehensive non-financial reporting (including climate policy) according to GRI, CDP, TCFD standards
  • Pre-rating preparation and assistance in obtaining an ESG rating
  • Assistance in attracting green and sustainable financing
  • Assistance in the search for green technologies and BAT
  • Improving ESG qualifications

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Discussion of needs and expectations


Working plan creation


Contract conclusion


Project implementation

You need us if you have the following emergencies:

1. ESG-diagnostics, assessment of the level of maturity of the corporate management system and business processes for ESG transformation are required.

2. It is necessary to integrate the ESG agenda into the overall strategy of the company taking into account its industry characteristics

3. It is necessary to develop a balanced corporate governance system based on ESG principles.

4. There are no competencies in the preparation of ESG reports.

5. There is a need for getting an ESG rating.

6. It is planned to enter the international capital markets.

7. There is a lack of information on available “green” technologies and specialists in their implementation.

8. It is required to attract “green”, sustainable financing and impact investment for social projects.

9. There is no experience in the development of concepts of social projects and their implementation.

Expected results

Detailed recommendations and roadmap for achieving ESG targets


Development of the range of corporate strategies, policies and internal documents, corporate governance structure in accordance with leading ESG requirements.


Development of a strategy with traceable KPIs in the ESG area.


Development of a climate strategy for the medium term


Providing up-to-date and complete information for all stakeholders: authorities, local community, etc.


Verification of non-financial reporting and assignment of an ESG rating in Russian or international rating agencies


Access to preferential debt funding, the attraction of major responsible investors.


Implementation of the best available technologies


Improving brand reputation, increasing consumer demand

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