Yuliya Yakupbaeva: “ESG and digital transformation develop alongside!”


The GPI Group partner spoke at the session «ESG: How to achieve the SDG through digital solutions» at the Digital Forum Almaty.   Speakers discussed global trends and research, key technologies that directly affect the sustainability of the company, etc. “ESG and digital transformation develop alongside. Indeed, to introduce digital services companies need to put their processes in order and regulate them,” said Yulia Yakupbaeva, partner of the GPI Group, co-founder of the ESG club. Yuliya Yakupbayeva said in her speech that almost 96% of CEO companies understand the importance of sustainable development. At the same time, another global player, Gartner, this year included Sustainable Technologies in its top 10 trends. During the session, the speaker commented on topics related to the process of obtaining ESG ratings, the formation of non-financial reporting, ESG regulation and greenwashing, provided examples of sustainable technologies, etc.   Representatives of the tobacco, telecom and fintech businesses shared practical cases of implementing the principles of sustainable development.   “The principles of sustainable development are integrated into the business strategy of our company. This is not something distant, which we do occasionally, it is our life, what we are guided when making decisions at all levels in the company,” said Svetlana Makhmutova, Data Management Manager Philip Morris Kazakhstan. The session attracted a great deal of interest from the audience with twice as many listeners as those scheduled for the session.  The listeners asked a lot of questions, genuine interest was not only from representatives of large business but also from SMEs, IT startups and companies from neighbouring countries.     For reference: Digital Almaty International Forum attracted more than 16 thousand visitors. The forum was attended by representatives of investors, state bodies, national companies and IT communities, as well as experts, entrepreneurs, students, etc.   The session was also attended by: Anna Maksimova - CEO of SOLVA, Svetlana Makhmutova - Data Management Manager Philip Morris Kazakhstan, Lilia Shageeva - Director of Digital Transformation of KCell, Aizhan Khamitova - ESGQ. The session was moderated by Asem Nurgalieva, CEO of Kazpost Digital.  

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