Yulia Yakupbaeva: ESG agenda has already reached universities


On April 14, KIMEP University hosted an international conference on: “The Global Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), ESG and Sustainable Development: A Bridge between Academia and Industry”.

The event was attended by students and teachers of KIMEP, other universities, research and expert circles.

Yuliya Yakupbaeva, a partner of the GPI Group of Companies, made a presentation at the key panel session on the topic: “ESG Agenda for Universities: Necessity and Best Practices”.

In her speech, she highlighted that many universities around the world are already using the sustainable development agenda in their activities. Moreover, almost half of the universities surveyed by EY-Parthenon have committed to or are considering achieving Net Zero:

“Universities can build their sustainable policy around the following specific areas: the implementation of ESG modules in the curriculum, green standards for campus construction, own developments and researches, and the involvement of “green” communities” Yuliya Yakupbaeva noted.

The partner of the GPI group also presented the best practices of leading universities on the implementation of sustainable development principles, mentioned activities of the National ESG Club and described the benefits of ESG transformation.

The conference provided a platform for the exchange of experience, the development of new ideas and solutions in the field of sustainable development and CSR. The participants of the event expressed their desire to continue the dialogue and cooperation in this important direction.

The panel session was also attended by: Aigerim Kaumenova, Vice-Rector of International Cooperation of ALMAU; Ilyas Askhat, Investment Director of Tengri Partners Principal Investments and Brendan Duprey, Director of the Sustainable Kazakhstan Research Institute of Narxoz University.

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