Yuliya Yakupbayeva: Kazakhstani business needs the rules of the game in the field of sustainable development


GPI Group partner was a speaker at the session "The role of business in sustainable development" within the UN Forum "Sustainable Business". The event was attended by representatives of the UN, the Administration of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the real and financial sectors, as well as public organizations and experts. During the presentation, the speaker drew attention to the emerging regulatory framework for sustainable development in Kazakhstan and the world, informed on strengthening sustainable management in European countries, including in relation to greenwashing.   The speaker also emphasized the importance of setting the rules of the game for business in the condition of increasing the importance of ESG metrics: “The world is moving forward, and no one will wait for our full preparedness. It is important to identify a sustainable development regulator in Kazakhstan - a single window that will form and monitor the sustainable development agenda in the country. It is important for Kazakhstani businesses to understand whether basic reporting will be introduced (on Scope 1, 2, 3), whether will requirements be introduced for elements of non-financial reporting, will incentives be introduced for those companies that become leaders in their segments in sustainable development. If we are moving towards this, then the deadlines must be clear, but realistic,” said Yuliya Yakupbaeva, Director of GPI-Lab, co-founder of the ESG Club. The speaker also focused on the projects and members of the ESG club, as well as Green Urban Community initiatives. During the event, an agreement was reached on cooperation in the field of Green Urban with representatives of the UN Global Compact from Georgia and Uzbekistan. As a summary, the moderator made key emphasis on teaching market participants the principles of ESG, the formation of non-financial reporting and the actual implementation of the SDGs in the activities of companies, the expansion of sustainable financing, international cooperation, as well as support for companies that promote the sustainable development agenda from the state. The GPI group notes the importance of UN Global Compact events in terms of expanding domestic and international cooperation in the field of sustainable development as well as the expert exchange of experience in a professional environment.

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