IT Expert Lab training center launches ONLINE DevOps course – methodologies, platforms and implementation tools


DevOps is a set of practices to improve the efficiency of development (Development) and operation (Operation) software (SW) processes through their continuous integration and active interaction of subject matter experts using automation tools.

The full DevOps course will introduce you to DevOps principles and practices, make a choice and get acquainted with the popular platforms and tools of DevOps, as well as install and configure them.

The course is useful for architects, DevOps engineers and developers who plan to use DevOps practices and tools.


Course Coach: Igor Palamarchuk


20-23 February (1 module)

20-23 March (2 module)

10-13 April (3 module)

8-11 May (4 modules)

Duration of training: 20 hours/module

Training format: on-line



+7 777 956 67 66

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