Rustam Yakupbayev shared trends on sustainability in digitalization at the No-code Almaty conference.


In addition to participating in the panel discussion “How no-code technologies change the rules of the game in business” Rustam Yakupbaev was invited as a trend speaker at the No-code Day Almaty forum.

As a trend, he named the course towards sustainability within the framework of digital transformation:

“If a company announces the beginning of its ESG transformation, this transition is impossible without the digitization of key processes and gathering analytics. Since it is the documentary confirmation and monitoring of the implementation of the ESG principles that is verified as the “implementation” of a particular metric.

At the same time, the course towards sustainable development significantly enriches the digital transformation of the company with data,” mentioned Rustam Yakupbaev, Managing Partner of GPI Group.


In his speech, Rustam Yakupbaev, based on the studies of Accenture and Gartner, gave examples of how the implementation of digitalization in the supply chain, product line, procurement, environmental management, etc. affects the sustainability and success of attracting financing.

Speakers of the panel discussion also answered the questions of the participants of the event, discussed the shortage of personnel in “new specialties” in IT, the relevance of continuous training of TOP company managers to obtain sustainable results in digital transformation, etc.

The conference was organized by a partner of GPI Group, Creatio, the creator of a platform for the No-code digital transformation of companies.


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Speakers of the panel session were also Andrey Bakhmetov, Head of Sales EE, Creatio; Victoria Omelchenko, CEO, Banza; Maya Kaigorodtseva, Deputy General Director for Development, Soft Creation.

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