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Author: Natalia Burdeinaya

Client service is not something that can rarely happen to everyone. Its presence or absence occurs several times a day: when buying coffee, refueling your car or in public transport, visiting a dentist and many other usual situations along the day.
Considering a client service is needed to be in connection with the strategic planning, because the companies spend large amount of resources for solving question, as “how to attract a client.” But the development vector, as “how to keep the client” is helded only by the leaders of its market.

How to become a company with a client-oriented approach?

First of all, do not make worse for the communication process with the company. He should not wonder of how and who effectively ask for solving his question. That is why the creation of the “Contact center – it is quickly and qualitatively issue solution” that is the priority number one. And this can be ensured only with the established process of information exchange between the client, the Contact Center and the company as a whole. This is the “narrow neck” of client service processes in many companies.

In order to ensure the prompt solving of client issues via Contact Center as a single access point to the company, it is necessary to carry out the following comprehensive work for:

  • prescribing the processes of interaction between the company’s departments and clients, all this should be stated in the form of algorithms and scripts. Only under the condition of a single approach to servicing, regardless of the circulation channel, will allow the client to see the attitude of the COMPANY, but not the operator or manager. Service standardization also allows you to respond quickly to client requests, regardless of the number of calls and communication channels.
  • provision employees, who directly involved in the process of client service, with the convenient single tool for finding client data, information about the product of the company and the history of interaction between the client and the company. Creation of knowledge base and maintenance of the client base (CRM) will allow the company to avoid situations of incorrect information provision to the client who appealed for help, cause of human factor.
  • writting down key performance indicators that have a direct impact on its business success. Along with already familiar indicators of accessibility and quality of service, where KPI is very important now, which determines the proportion of client issues resolved during the first contact.
  • building a clear system of interaction between the Contact Center and all departments of the company for resolving client issues, complaints and suggestions. Scheduled deadlines should be prescribed, designated the officials. The fulfillment of the scheduled terms should be included in the key performance indicators for all divisions of the company involved in the process of client service.

There is a need to take into account that the level of the service which determined not only by how the sales manager talked to you at a personal meeting, or answered by phone. This relationship with the company, even at times when you do not address them. To ensure the formation of a long-term relationship with the client, it is necessary to know who is your client, to know his expectations, and to plan actions that would allow them to justify and even exceed. It is possible only under the condition of maintaining and storing the base of its clients, including potential clients, who did not reach the lead stage to the sales. An important element in the client base is the maintenance of communication chronology with the client, which allows not only to form the correct technique of service, but also the construction of marketing activities.

But in practice, the client, on contact with the company, communicates with its employees. And the impression is produced by all employees of the company involved in client service. A key role is also played by your managers, people who are the link between the rest employees and the company’s business strategy. Therefore, the qualification and culture of client-focused your personnel is of a great importance in the construction of client service process. The tool for this is quality creation of service standards, identification of key performance indicators and, as a result, a motivation system for employees, which should be tied to the level of client satisfaction with the product and service of the company.

In this way, clearly aligned business processes management of client experience helps you to focus on a high quality of client service, through which the client feels unique positive emotions from communicating with the company. These feelings are the difference between indifference and devotion to the company.

Natalia Burdeinaya

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