GPI lab and Narxoz University will work together to promote the agenda of sustainable cities and companies


On 28 February the Parties signed an Agreement on Strategic Cooperation concerning research and activities in the field of sustainable development in the cities of Kazakhstan and other CIS countries. President of Narxoz University Miras Daulenov spoke about the prospects for cooperation: “We are glad that our cooperation in the field of sustainable development is enshrined in such a document. More companies and regions are now trying to engage in sustainable development policies. In particular, the Almaty Mayor’s Office takes a keen interest in our project to address the issue of the air quality in the city. The Governor’s Office of the Almaty City Administration is also interested in the project. We understand that sustainable companies are the key to a sustainable country. However, people still have a poor understanding of ESG. This suggests that it is necessary to conduct training, and it is necessary to start with the top management. In turn, we as a university want to become the center of competence and increase people’s knowledge. In this regard, cooperation with the GPI group will be useful for us. Yuliya Yakupbayeva, GPI Group Partner, highlighted the importance of the participation of the Sustainable Kazakhstan Research Institute (SKRI) in the activities of the Green Urban Community. She also confirmed the expediency of using all available platforms to promote the sustainable development agenda and ESG: “Narxoz and I are on the same wavelength, and this makes us very happy. As co-founders of the National ESG Club, we are constantly involved in the educational process in the field of sustainable development of companies and regions. At the request of clients, GPI has made an intensive training with an educational ESG game for representatives of the financial and industrial sectors and their clients. The Green Urban platform has already held the first Urban talk devoted to the discussion of the Strategy for low-carbon development of Kazakhstan. The plans also include the moderation of several sections at the upcoming forums on sustainable development in May-June. We will be glad to see a representative of the University among the speakers,” said Yuliya Yakupbayeva.The parties also agreed to hold under the auspices of the Green Urban Community a discussion on the Strategy for achieving carbon neutrality in Kazakhstan with students from Narxoz and other universities. “This would give us an understanding of how the new generation sees the implementation of the Strategy and their attitude to the development of the sustainable development agenda in our country and the world,” the speakers noted.

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