Financial Management

  • Current status diagnostics and financial function optimization
  • Profitability increase and cost optimization
  • Finance function and CFO role transformation
  • Business accounting centralization and financial management
  • KPI system construction and consolidated management reporting
  • Financial risk management system construction
  • Development of long-term financial models and business plans
  • Loan restructuring

Property Management / Development

  • Property market analysis
  • Investment attractiveness enhancement strategy development
  • Development project management implementation
  • Commercial property design and construction support

Procurement, logistics, administrative activities

  • AMA optimization
  • Logistics function optimization and procurement efficiency improvement
  • Regulation of organization and conduct of competitions and tenders
  • Development of supplier accreditation methods

Information Security

  • Information security audit
  • Penetration Test organization
  • Threat intelligence services implementation
  • Training event conduct
  • Risk and information security management system construction

Information Technology

  • Audit of IT architecture and level of automation of business processes
  • IT function optimization
  • IT strategy development
  • IT infrastructure formation
  • Risk Management System Formation
  • Business continuity
  • Business processes automation and robotization

Legal Consulting

  • Legal structuring of business subject to business realities and legal precedents
  • Tax consulting for tax optimization of business structure
  • Analysis of legal and tax risks and their minimization (Due Diligence)
  • Deal structuring for the attraction of a strategic investor

Agribusiness performance improvement

  • Agricultural business management system structuring
  • Company yield increase
  • Development and implementation of current business production effectiveness improvement and digitalization initiatives, including cutting-edge technology transfer

Business Transformation

  • Business transformation
  • Project management implementation
  • Business model formation
  • IPO business preparation
  • Organization and conduct of strategic sessions

Corporate Management

  • Creation of Groups, Funds, Holdings and other legal entities
  • Legal support of transactions
  • Corporate management construction
  • Management decision-making construction
  • Collegial body structure implementation
  • Responsibility matrix formation (RACI(S))

Business Process Management

  • Business process management construction
  • Business process maturity assessment
  • Business process owner identification and assignment
  • Organization’s business process register formation
  • Training event conduct

Risk Management

  • Risk management system construction and implementation
  • Risk management system audit
  • Operational risk management process automation (implementation of corporate Rick tracker software development)
  • Risk management culture formation
  • Training event conduct

HR Management

  • HR efficiency improvement
  • HR record keeping improvement and preparation of automation processes
  • Training center structuring and/or improvement

Marketing, sales and support service

  • Service level assessment and customer service process optimization
  • Marketing strategy development
  • Contact center creation / reorganization
  • Remote maintenance system implementation support
  • Training event conduct

Project Management

  • Project audit
  • Project management implementation
  • Portfolio management implementation
  • Project management culture development
  • Training event conduct