Finance and Financial Risks

  • Financial block optimization, CFO role transformation
  • Increase profitability and cost optimization
  • Debt restructuring
  • Building a KPI system
  • Building a financial planning system
  • Building management reporting, data warehouse

Real Estate Management

  • Real Estate Market Analysis
  • Assessment of investment attractiveness
  • Development of a strategy to enhance investment attractiveness
  • Implementation of project management for development projects
  • Construction support

Logistics and Purchase

  • AHD optimization
  • Optimizing the logistics function and improving the efficiency of the procurement process
  • Regulation of the processes of organizing and conducting competitions and tenders
  • Building accreditation methods for suppliers

Cyber Security Management

  • Information Security Audit
  • Organizing and conducting Penetration Test
  • Introduction of threat analytics service
  • Conducting training events
  • Building an information security risk management system

Information Technologies

  • Audit of IT architecture and level of automation of business processes
  • IT function optimization
  • IT strategy development
  • Building IT infrastructure
  • Building an Information Technology Risk Management System
  • Business continuity
  • Automation of business processes and robotization

Legal Consulting

  • Analysis of legal, tax risks and their minimization (Due Diligence)
  • Structuring strategic investor attraction deals
  • Optimization of the business tax structure

Agro-industry Efficiency Increase

  • Structuring of the agricultural business management system
  • Increasing the profitability of the company
  • Development and implementation of initiatives to improve the manufacturability and digitalization of current business, including the transfer of modern technologies

Business Transformation

  • Business Transformation
  • Implementation of project management
  • Formation of business models
  • Preparing for IPO business
  • Organization and holding of strategic sessions

Corporate Devlopment

  • Creation of Groups, Funds, Holdings and other legal entities
  • Legal support of transactions
  • Building corporate governance
  • Building management decision-making systems
  • The introduction of the structure of collegial bodies
  • Forming a responsibility matrix (RACI (S))

Business Process Management

  • Building a business process management system
  • Assessment of the level of maturity of business processes
  • Definition and consolidation of business process owners
  • Formation of the registry of business processes of the organization
  • Conducting training events

Risk Management

  • Building and implementing a risk management system
  • Risk management audit
  • Automation of operational risk management processes (introduction of proprietary software development – Rick tracker)
  • Building a risk management culture
  • Conducting training events

HR Management

  • Improving the efficiency of HR processes
  • Improving the efficiency of personnel records and the preparation of automation processes
  • Building and / or upgrading a training center

Маркетинг продажи и сервисное обслуживаниеMarketing and Sales

  • Service level assessment and optimization of customer service processes
  • Marketing strategy development
  • Construction / reorganization of the Contact Center
  • Support of the implementation of remote maintenance systems
  • Conducting training events

Проектное управление Project Management

  • Project Audit
  • Implementation of project management
  • Implementation of portfolio management
  • Building a project management culture
  • Conducting training events