Green Urban Community Members Define Value System


The Green Urban Community is active and already has more than 35 companies from waste processing, medicine, IT, urban research, consulting, etc. as well as educational institutions and foundations, etc.


Thus, all 10 Community Action Areas are now able to develop themselves and adopt a plan of action.


At the last two meetings, the participants defined the Motto of the Community “Business for Cities, Cities for Life”, and also approved the Rules of the Community.


Community members also developed and agreed on the values that companies will implement in their activities:

  • Think and act sustainably
  • Expand Employee Competencies
  • Work on process improvement
  • Implement Digital Services
  • Show social responsibility
  • Create a comfortable urban environment
  • Care about resources
  • Engage in a Cyclical Economy
  • Promote a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Create an impact – projects


The immediate plans of the Committee include participation in the implementation of the Roadmap of ESG Club events (holding an award for the best territory, ESG transformation projects, ESG Academy, ESG Marketplace, ESG certification and ESG regions, etc.). In addition, the Community is launching a media project aimed at developing and promoting the values of Green Urban – video podcast Urban-Talks. The project is scheduled to start in early February.


We invite all concerned, interested and sharing our values to the Green Urban Сommunity!

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