Legal Consulting

  • Legal structuring of business subject to business realities and legal precedents
  • Tax consulting for tax optimization of business structure
  • Analysis of legal and tax risks and their minimization (Due Diligence)
  • Deal structuring for the attraction of a strategic investor



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Discussion of needs and expectations


Working plan creation


Contract conclusion


Project implementation

You need us if you have the following emergencies:
  1. Assets fragmentation and resulting lack of control over “affiliated” companies in view of its registration on third parties
  2. Low controllability due to the lack of a uniform decision-making center, as well as deficiencies in legal formalization of relations between “affiliated” companies
  3. Lack of connection between financial and management models, situational control of the financial plan execution
  4. Lack of connection between the KPI system and management reporting
Expected results

Get legal control and the ability to manage your business through legal corporate management tools


Create a holding business structure with a legitimate decision-making center


Build an optimal tax planning structure for a business, as well as its investment and reinvestment


Take into account risks and problems associated with transfer pricing and relationships between affiliates

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