First Urban Talk: Kazakhstan’s low-carbon development strategy


On February 17 the first offline meeting of the Green Urban Astana community took place as part of Urban Talk. The central topic of discussion was the Strategy for achieving carbon neutrality of the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2060. The guests were the Chairman of the National ESG Club Aidar Kazybayev and the Deputy Chairman of the Board of the "Economic Research Institute" JSC  Kuanysh Beisengazin, who presented the main theses of the Strategy. “The Institute has set a course to achieve sustainable development of the economy to climate change and carbon neutrality by 2060, and the institute has already done a lot of work to create a strategy. We plan to develop more detailed measures in the Roadmap for the implementation of the Strategy," said Kuanysh Beisengazin National ESG Club. Rustam Yakupbayev, Managing Partner of the GPI Group of Companies, proposed to create a project office to develop concrete measures for the implementation of the Strategy with the participation of government agencies, business and stakeholders, participants of the National ESG-Club. The Green Urban Community Chair noted that the Strategy mentions incentives to move to carbon neutrality but lacks detailed disclosure: «We suggest developers to use the resource of the Committee and the National ESG Club to develop specific measures of support, regulation, implementation of new trends in the entire regulatory framework, bringing to regions, financial institutions, business, population» - said Yulia Yakupbayeva. Yulia Yakupbayeva and Kuanysh Beisengazin signed a Memorandum of Cooperation in terms of holding joint events aimed at improving the quality of life in the regions of Kazakhstan, developing solutions for urban and territorial development, projects for monotowns, projects for the development of domestic tourism, environmentally responsible business, and also the development of proposals for the implementation of the Strategy for achieving carbon neutrality. The first subcommittee has been created in Green Urban. Vitaly Pustovoytenko, head of the Center for Sustainable Development of the Capital, announced the creation of a subcommittee "Smart City", whose activities will be aimed at developing and implementing solutions for smart cities. "Smart cities is not only traffic lights and devices but it is also a large amount of data analyzing which we can predict and use for qualitative planning of the urban environment, which will improve the standard of living of people," said Vitaly Pustovoytenko.

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