Professional certification “Win-win” for employers and employees

Author: Alexander Tretiak

In Western business practice, there is no secret that professional certification of specialists from various fields of activity has long been unheard of. Gradually, this practice extends to the countries of the post-soviet area. Every year, thousands of professionals pass exams for certificates. There are certificates for personnel of HR, information technology, accountants, project managers, engineers in the field of industrial and information security, buyers, internal auditors and this list can be continued for a very long time. Some of the certificates have value in a single country, others have an international recognition.

The demand and growth of professional certification popularity is determined by the benefits that are received by professionals and employers.

Receipt of an international certificate for specialist is an excellent opportunity to increase your “market value”.The certificate of the international standard is a confirmation of professional competence of the employee, and his intentions are to remain and develop in the profession, which means a competitive advantage in hiring and promotion. For positions at management levels, the availability of a certificate is a statutory requirement.

Among the reasons why specialists pass a professional certification, are the following:

In addition, the benefits for a certified specialist do not end with the recognition of his current competence. The certificate presence gives him access to the professional international community, the opportunity to communicate with colleagues around the world the “same language.” As the rule, the certificate is required to confirm and support – to develop in the profession, to pass mandatory programs of additional training, to attend relevant trainings, seminars and conferences.    Participation in such activities gives an opportunity to exchange of views with colleagues, to be aware of the latest developments in professions and to establish the necessary contacts. Organizations that engaged in certification nearly always open access for its members to professional information databases, legislative acts, forums for their members, which, of course, are valuable information resource.

Certificate holders note the following positive changes in career:

Regarding the benefits for companies, the availability of certified professionals in the state increases the level of trust from customers and partners, positively affects the competitiveness of the company and identifies the company on the market.

Employers allocate such advantages of work with the certificated specialists:

Professionals of the international class are able to bring the best world practices and methodologies to the company. Certified specialists become valuable internal trainers and mentors for young professionals. For good reason, in preparing for exams the colleagues who have certificates are given the right to confirm the experience of the candidate.

Training and tertiary of certificate requires candidates to have significant temporary and certain financial costs. Not rare, employers provide their employees with both resources, since it is much more valuable and profitable to raise a highly qualified and recognized specialist in their team than attract them on the market. And investing in the team’s professionalism is undoubtedly investment in the future of the Company.

Alexander Tretiak

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