The state of cybersecurity. Threats and resources


The annual ISACA research shows that cybersecurity is becoming an increasingly important business objective. Eight from10 respondents this year indicated that support for security by management is growing, and the number of companies in which the top management has a CISO position this year more than ever.

However, the development of skills and the increase of resources in the field of cybersecurity do not correspond to the speed with which the complexity and volume of threats grow. Absolute majority of companies today estimate probability to become the target of cyber attack as high or very high.

More than half of the respondents believe that over the past year they have gained considerable experience on counteraction to the cyber attacks, and have begun formalizing processes aimed at the increase of security from them.

The main targets of cybercriminals, are traditionally the theft of monetary resources, theft of information and lay-up the given services. In most large businesses, realize the size of financial and imaginary damage, from the consequences of such actions.

Gradually with realization of criticism of cybersecurity risks, businesses increase the budgets of safety and aim to concentrate these expenses on the most vulnerable directions.

In conditions when cyber fraud acquires the volumes of organized international illegal activity, individual companies are unable effectively to resist him. It is more appropriate in this situation to resort to the services of companies that specialize in cybersecurity. This market is now actively developing and profile companies have already accumulated certain experience that allows them to quickly identify threats, determine their type and apply the exhaust charts of counteraction, is already accumulated.

Alexander Tretyak, IS and IT Risks expert of GPI company, explained that: “It is more reasonable to develop the competencies of our own information security service on understanding business, correlating business goals and security, efficient risk management, providing it with a stream of relevant information and technical support for profile partners .”

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